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A/N: Mira’s mine. Her bike’s AI is mine. The bike? So stolen from Robotech, various others in the crew she’s with... Assorted sources, not ending with Marvel, DC, or the imaginations of my totally awesome RP group.

This is a request from Bev, who really didn’t want to go easy on me! Ebil mod type person you!

Fandom: MCU with 616 thrown as well as robotech, and mentions of Stargate Atlantis
Summary: Just a battle scene, why does there need to be more
Warning: Mira snappy, Tony smug, ooh one curse word, and really rough draft might turn it into a more polished one later.
Pairings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own much of this other than the scene, I wrote it the song is from the 80's.  


“Okay this so isn’t the European vacation I was promised!” Mira Greason lifted her hand blasting one of aliens trying to break through the walls of Valhalla with the repulsor built into the gauntlets she wore.

“And you would have enjoyed Tuscany Swongsword?” The comment on the CON was Tony Stark, the man that helped her with the upgrades to what had once been a Cyclone Scout bike. He was inside the walls with Thor trying to get the tech that should repel the invasion. She scowled doing a quick check on her scanners. Her team had scattered, each dealing with different points with Asgard warriors, and Valkarie.

“Now I know why Fury love hates you Stark.” The blond musician flicked off her communications knowing the AI in the bike would be more than willing to deal with Stark, and or JARVIS if her tech expertise was needed. “Boomer, gimme a beat will ya?” She muttered as she tried not to think of what the aliens reminded her of. Sea creatures, why’s it have to be sea creatures?

Another pair of squid looking beasts fell back as trumpets started up in the speakers of her helmet. Mental note to reprogram Boomer. She fired off two rockets as she shifted the cyclone from armor to bike mode, the elves on the wall had things under control for now, she wanted to get to the source of the infestation.

We’re leaving together
But it’s still farewell
Maybe we’ll come back
To Earth, who can tell?

Europe - “The Final Countdown” - (1986)

Getting about a hundred yards from the wall she yelped as one of the squid wrapped around her head. The maw of it right over her visor. Stopping the bike she tried pulling it off hitting communications back on, though Boomer was still playing music.


Which seemed to be repelling the space calamari to some degree. Throwing the squid away she upped the volume on external speakers, wishing she had the hover speakers with her, but they had been trashed a week ago in a training accident with Kate, apparently archers really don’t like it if you’re playing a version of superhero tag, and blast broken arrow two feet away from them.

“Screw Tuscany Stark! I want paid vacation in your world’s Alaska. Fairbanks! It’s 300 miles from the nearest ocean, no squid, no whales...” She blinked seeing the techno-organic whale moving towards her sector of the battlefield. “What the fuck?”

“What’s wrong?”

She activated the camera on her bike so the rest of the teams could see it in complete holovision. “Oh, those, just get a Hulk there.”

“I really hate you.”

“Thought it was McKay you hated, you just want to kill me.”

“Don’t tempt me Tony.” She kept the song up reaching to the knife on the back of her armor. “Let’s just hope Ancient tech works on Asgard or I’m so screwed here. And not in a good way.”

Humming along with the song she held the blade in one hand. Blue light danced around it and her gloved hand, pulsating with the beat of the song.

there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground
Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown...



The slash made with the blade did manage to take off a flipper/fin, and had the beast turn her way. “Yeah, where’s a Hulk or beserker right now!” She kicked the bike into gear shooting out as far from the wall as she could. “And I am really starting to think best sea life out there’s the kind you put on a plate!”

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